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Impossible Things...

December 7, 2017


July 10, 2016


When Robbie Marshall surprised me by including one of my favorite quotes (and my email signature!) on this webpage, it occurred to me that my siding with the Queen’s brash retort to Alice’s declaration has so much to do with my belief in poetry.  Poetry can transform impossible things into beautiful, mysterious, heart mending, heart breaking, workable things. 


Whether it’s your coming across exactly the right line in exactly the right poem or whether it’s arriving at exactly the right line in the poem you’re writing, poetry can provide the key to upending the impossible.  It’s there, face-to-face with the impossible, that you discover new understanding.   Or rage.  Or courage.  Or empathy. Or comfort.  Or Aha! 


So, while life is often overrun with impossible things, finding “the best words in the best order,” helps us manage them.  Ramble through a book of poetry.  Pick up a pen (or your smart phone) and write.  You’ll find no shortage of impossible things which, once struggled to the ground … or set afloat … no longer seem impossible.


I’m including two poems here, one by Robert Francis, Summons, which captures, for me, the gift of friendship and the importance of sharing what we love with those we love, and a poem, Another Story, that I wrote at a hard, hard time for me and my friends.  I hope both poems help to support my stand with the Queen,  that impossible things don’t have to be impossible after all.

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